4 Types of Doors to Consider for Your Home

Posted March 4rd, 2016

4 Types of Doors to Consider for Your Home

Doors and doorways are often used symbolically to describe changes and opportunities in life. In a physical sense, doors play an important role in daily life by welcoming people into a home or place of business and by keeping unwanted elements out. Therefore, the choices you make regarding door replacement in DuPage County are important. Consider these four typical doors styles:

  1. Exterior doors. These are the most obvious entrances to any building, and include front doors and back doors. When choosing your main door, focus on durability, insulation factor and, of course, outward appearance.
  2. Storm doors (http://www.shopthedoorstore.com/files/stormDoors/stormDoors.php). Even though storm doors are mounted on a home’s exterior, they are in a class all their own. These strong, protective doors guard against wind and rain damage to your exterior door as well as let light in on warmer days. Storm doors may be among the most important doors for replacement in DuPage County because of their protective factor.
  3. Patio doors. This is another type of door that may face the elements, yet is not the same as a standard exterior door. These usually lead straight to a patio or garden and are most often seen on the back or side of a house. Patio doors can be designed to swing in or out when opened, and typically include a lot of glass to let the sunlight in.
  4. Interior doors. This type of door guards the way to your bedroom, bathroom or other private space, and comes in a staggering variety of design options. You can have a standard, hollow door, a set of French doors or a beautiful frosted glass door. It is up to you.

Thoughtfully choosing the elements that make up your home is essential to creating an environment in which you feel safe and comfortable. Only settle for the best door replacement in DuPage County, and do not leave the design of your house up to chance.

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