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Industry Standards Weren’t Tough Enough…

So We Set Standards For The Entire Industry.

Let’s face it: The home improvement industry has zero oversight, rules, and accountability.

That’s why so many homeowners have horrible experiences with contractors… and why the home improvement industry is always at the top of the Better Business Bureau’s “Most Complained About Industries” list.

At The Door Store, we love seeing homeowners have a pleasant, high-quality home improvement experience. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a set of standards for the industry.

This set of standards is called the Contractor Standards Guide. This valuable guide shows you EXACTLY what to expect from a reputable contractor in terms of workmanship, stability, professionalism, and more. You’ll be able to protect yourself from less-than-reputable contractors and ensure a high-quality project.

Even if you don’t choose us for your project, download a free copy of our Contractor Standards Guide anyway. We want you to have a great home improvement experience… no matter whom you hire. And our Contractor Standards Guide will help you do exactly that.

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