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When shopping for the perfect replacement windows, you have dozens of choices and a head-spinning amount of information to sift through. Just Googling “replacement windows Chicago” nets you 60-million results.


Fortunately, we’ve done your homework for you.

At The Door Store, we’ve been selling and installing replacement windows for Villa Park, Lombard, and the surrounding Western Suburbs since 1987. In that time, we’ve researched and vetted many of the windows on the market.

In our 3 decades of experience with replacement windows we’ve selected only those that are worth your money! We sell and install only the windows that are “head of the class” in beauty, performance, energy efficiency, and durability. This includes Sunrise, Weather Shield, Loewen, and several other brands.

Not only do we offer the absolute best, but we also provide variety. Every brand we carry is unique, so we have the perfect window for any situation and price range. No matter what Window Style you need, we have it. Whether you want vinyl, wood, or fiberglass windows, we can accommodate. And with our Personalized Sales Process, one of our experts can help you determine the right window for your home and budget. In short, we make finding the right windows easy.

But Great Windows Are Only Half The Equation…

Even the best window in the world will fail if it’s not properly installed. At The Door Store, we have the experience, skill, and processes to install your windows right the first time… for all time.

Our attention to detail is absolutely meticulous. We perform special techniques to ensure your windows are airtight, waterproof, secure, and perform for life. We use higher-quality screws, create added flashing, produce straight and clean caulk lines, and inject high-density insulation into your window frames with special foam guns.

Honestly, you won’t notice half the things we do to make your window installation perfect. And that’s the mark of a great window installer—focusing not just on the details you can see, but ensuring the details you can’t see are done exactly right. To learn more about our attention to detail, visit our Masterful Installation page.

Bottom Line

We have the right windows for your home and the experts to install them superbly. Contact us today to schedule an accurate, no-pressure quote. With 3 decades in business, we’re one of the most established window contractors in Elmhurst, Naperville, and the surrounding Western Suburbs.