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When It Comes To Window & Door Installation,
It’s All About The Details.


If you’re looking for a contractor that is a stickler for installation details, you’ve come to the right place.

At The Door Store, we’re preoccupied with perfection. Since 1987, we’ve mastered every installation technique in the book—and even developed our own procedures to ensure the best window and door installation in Villa Park, Elmhurst, Lombard, and the surrounding Western Suburbs.

Here are a few examples of our dedication to detail:

  1. We ensure caulk lines are straight and miter joints are tight for airproof, waterproof, clean, level, and square installation.
  2. When we install your exterior door, we adjust the support under your door’s threshold for maximum durability and strength. This prevents it from breaking, bowing, or warping.
  3. While most aluminum capping on windows “floats” and is unsupported, we fold the corners of the capping and insert a stabilizing reinforced structure underneath. This creates waterproof flashing that ensures no water gets in, even if the caulk cracks over time.
  4. To ensure your windows or doors won’t budge, we use stout fasteners and heavy-duty screws, rather than the flimsy trim nails that are sometimes used by others in the industry. This provides exceptional strength and security for your project.
  5. To ensure a draft free opening, we use special, high-precision foam insulation guns to inject your windows and doors with the perfect amount of ultra-efficient insulation.

Honestly, we could provide you with dozens more examples of our installation techniques and commitment to detail. But we’ll let our work do the rest of the talking.

Contact us today for an accurate, no-pressure quote on window and door installation in Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Naperville, and the surrounding Western Suburbs of Chicago. Our trained and certified installers would love to provide you with a high-quality window or door project.