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We Determine The Best Solution For Your Situation,
Provide A Fair & Accurate Quote…

… And Let YOU Make The Final Decision.
No Pricing Games. No Pushiness. No Pressure. PERIOD.

Let’s be honest: The average window and door estimate is a high-pressure, high-stress experience.

Most salespeople are paid on commission, so they play pricing games, twist your arm, and do/say whatever it takes to get you to buy right now. To make matters worse, they force you to choose from maybe two or three different products—regardless if any of them are right for your situation.

At The Door Store, we don’t think that’s the right way to treat people. That’s why we’ve developed the Personalized Sales Process: A pleasant, pressure-free, pricing-games-proof way to get the perfect windows and doors for your home.

When creating our Personalized Sales Process, the first thing we did was eliminate sales-based commissions. We pay our salespeople a good wage and offer them ample benefits (401k’s, paid vacation, etc.). This keeps our salespeople happy and takes the pressure off of them to get you to buy immediately… which takes the pressure off YOU to rush into a decision you’re uncomfortable or unhappy with. Win-win.

Here’s what you can expect from our “sales” process: We listen to you, assess your budget, and make our expert recommendation on the best windows and doors for you from our extensive line of products. We invite you to our Comprehensive Showroom to let you see, feel, and demonstrate the products yourself. Once we’ve determined the right products for your situation, we quote you a firm, accurate price—and let YOU decide if you want to proceed. No pressure. No pricing games. No pushiness. PERIOD.

Bottom Line

If you want a company that will guide you to the right solution—NOT pressure you into a decision—contact The Door Store today. We provide doors and replacement windows for Villa Park, Lombard, Elmhurst, and the surrounding Western Suburbs—and we would love to discuss your project with you.