How to Clean Your Interior Doors

Mar 01, 2016

How to Clean Your Interior Doors

Whether you have just had a new door installation in DuPage County, or want to spruce up your old doors, regular cleaning and occasional maintenance is important to keep them bright. Door handles and edges are constantly being touched, allowing germs and dirt to accumulate over time. Before your doors become too filthy, it is a good idea to clean them. Depending on the material and finish of your doors, the proper way to clean them varies. Here’s a short how-to guide on the best way to keep your doors dirt-free:

1. Using a feather duster or a dry rag, wipe the edges of your doors, especially along the top edge, to remove loose dust buildup.

2. On painted or vinyl doors, use warm, soapy water and a sponge to clean any fingerprints or stains that have developed. Be sure to clean along the bottom and sides, as dirt has a tendency to collect in these areas. Also, pay special attention to beveled edges on the face of the door, as dirt and grime can be found here as well.

3. For varnished wood doors, use an oil soap instead of water to clean. With a rag, wipe the oil soap along the grain of the wood. Use a clean rag to wipe up any extra soap. Afterwards, you will be left with a buffed and shiny door.

4. Next, use a spray cleaner to wipe down all the hardware, especially the doorknobs. Consider using an antibacterial soap to limit the spread of germs from door handles.

5. Finally, make sure your hinges are operating smoothly ( If they are creaking or resistant to movement, apply some oil to get them working again.

Regular cleaning is the best way to preserve your new door installation in DuPage County. You will be amazed by the difference clean doors can make to the appearance of your home.