3 Problems Your Door Might Experience This Winter

Feb 04, 2018

Replacement Door in Naperville, IL

How well does your Naperville door stand up to winter?

Winter weather can be a problem for many reasons. Ice on the roads can make it difficult to get to work or school. People with outdoor pets often have to adjust to bringing their pets inside for the winter. But when it comes to your door, winter weather can be disastrous. While you might be able to shut yourself inside when the weather is at its worst, your door isn’t so lucky and is constantly exposed to the elements. If not protected, or if it’s an older door in need of replacement, this can lead to several potential problems. Here are just 3 threats that could occur for your door this winter.


Wooden doors, if not treated with a water-resistant coating, can swell in bad rain or snow storms. If your door becomes swollen in a storm, it’s best not to try to open it, as you may not be able to close it. Instead, use the back door until the door has had some time to dry. Water-resistant wood treatment will help to prevent this in the future, as well as replacement doors made with materials that are less likely to swell with water damage. Steel or fiberglass doors can have the elegance of wood doors, but are water resistant and won’t swell or warp with any weather damage.

Ice or Snow

Have you ever noticed ice or snow at the bottom of your door frame? On the coldest days, you may have a problem with ice forming on the door or snow gathering at the threshold, making it harder to open and possibly damaging the structure. This tends to be a sign that the door is not as energy efficient as it should be, or hasn’t been properly weather-stripped. A replacement door with a tighter seal and stronger weatherproofing can help this, or at the very least keep any ice or snow out of the interior of your threshold.

Air Leakage

If your door isn’t energy efficient enough, cold air can leak into the home and hot air can leak out of the home. This can wear down your door, although it’s typically a sign that your door is already being worn down, the more pressing problem is the draft it will cause in your home. You may incur higher heating bills in trying to make up the difference. A newer replacement door with a strong insulating material, like fiberglass, is probably in order both for the sake of your door and for your home. 

At The Door Store, we’ve seen it all. Ice buildup, swelling, or drafty entryways. That’s why we offer the highest quality exterior doors to keep your home protected for decades to come. Contact us today about our selection or for a free replacement door quote.