4 Benefits of a Fiberglass Door Installation

May 09, 2018

Exterior Door Installation Glen Ellyn

Looking for a new door in Glen Ellyn? The answer is fiberglass.

There are many options when searching for the right door for your new door installation in Glen Ellyn. You can find classic wood doors, steel doors, vinyl or aluminium doors. But fiberglass doors are becoming more and more popular in the door installation world and there’s a good reason for that. Curious? Here are a few benefits to choosing fiberglass for your door installation:

Low Maintenance

Fiberglass doors are exceptionally durable and practically take care of themselves. While wood doors require regular staining, and often swell or warp in the face of water damage, fiberglass is water resistant and requires only the occasional light cleaning. Still like the classic look of wood? With the right stain, fiberglass doors can give off that same look, but require much less upkeep and can last for decades longer than wood doors. In addition to water resistance, they’re also heat resistant and rot resistant. These doors can hold their own against whatever the weather might throw at them.

High Efficiency

Steel doors have far higher R-Values than most competing door materials, ranging from R-5 to R-6 easily. If you’re looking for a door that will protect your home from drafts of cold air during Glen Ellyn winters or stuffy heat during the summer, fiberglass doors are the right doors for you. And not only will your home feel more comfortable, but because you won’t have to use as much temperature control in your home, your HVAC and energy bills will be significantly reduced. Fiberglass doors are among the most energy efficient doors in the door installation market today.

Tough Security

Security is a big factor that drives people to choose fiberglass doors for their door installation. Fiberglass is a hardy material that’s much more difficult to kick in than wood, vinyl or aluminium doors – especially with an expert installation and the right door frames. Because they’re so durable, their security won’t decrease over time as the door rusts or weakens in some way. These doors can also come with a multi-point locking system for added security, making fiberglass doors, quite frankly, tough to crack.

Superior Style

When you have an exterior door installation, especially for an entry door, you want that door to make a statement. Fiberglass entry doors can make the stylish impression you need to wow your guests. They can be stained to take on the appearance of wood or have a smooth but brightly colorful appearance. They look bold and versatile, and they fit perfectly with statement pieces like a large door knocker or door ornament. And because of their durability, you can expect that style to last. 

At The Door Store, we offer fiberglass doors from top brands like ProVia, Therma-Tru, and JELD-WEN’s Aurora Series. Interested in going fiberglass for your next door installation? Contact The Door Store today.