4 Key Aspects to Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

Oct 05, 2016

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Many people are beginning to recognize the benefit of making energy efficient additions to their homes, especially with their windows. As a premier windows store in Illinois, The Door Store is an excellent choice for your windows replacement in Naperville. If you are preparing to make this transition, there are four key aspects that you should consider in making the right selection for you.


By design, new windows automatically help to increase energy efficiency due to the fact that when they are installed properly, they automatically close any gaps or air leaks. Also, depending upon the climate that you live in, certain design elements can help to increase efficiency as well. For example, a bay style window allows optimal sun exposure, which could be beneficial in cold climates. On the other hand, windows with awnings may be ideal for those in hotter areas.


The window type plays a critical role in determining the energy efficiency level of a window. Take windows that are hinged for example; awning and casement windows tend to leak less air than those that slide open. When installed correctly, fixed window options are air tight, but they are not the best option for those seeking window ventilation. These facts are helpful to know when making your decision.


Similar to the type of window, technology is another strong factor in determining the energy efficiency of a window. A windows energy performance rating is a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of a windows technology. This rating is determined according to climate and other factors that help to narrow down your search.


To protect the integrity of the new windows that you are having installed, it is best to have the work completed by a professional. Especially with windows being a strong investment, it can be most beneficial to not complete the work yourself.

Once you have considered all of these factors you will be properly equipped to make the proper window selection for you. If you have more questions about your windows replacement in Naperville or the surrounding area, contact your local, quality contractor today.