4 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Door Installation

Mar 09, 2018

Replacement Door in Dupage County

A door installation isn’t something to be taken lightly. Entry doors are the main security to your home, as well as a focal point of your curb appeal and a big part of your home insulation. Even interior doors are essential to your peace of mind and privacy in your home. That means the installation has to be done with expert care. You don’t just want an installation that lasts for now. You want something that will last for years to come.

It can be tempting to attempt to do a DIY door installation, and it’s certainly possible. But will it be the best installation possible? Will it hold up to the elements and years of use? Will it add or reduce value to your home? DIY door installations are more challenging than internet tutorials might have you believe, and there are more than a few reasons why it might be better to trust a professional.

Eliminate the “Getting Started” Problem

One of the perks to doing a DIY project is that you don’t have to schedule it and wait for the contractor to be available. On the other hand, one of the challenges to a DIY project is that because you’re not bound to anyone’s particular schedule…it can be easy to put it off. The idea of just starting a big project can seem daunting. You have to have perfect measurement, buy the door, clear your schedule, remove the old door, set the locks, add supports…the longer the list, the harder it can be to just start for many homeowners.

But with a professional installation, that task list is no longer on your shoulders. All  you have to do is buy the door and schedule the installation with your contractor. The door installation crew will take care of the rest and you can watch them work…or you can get out of the house.

Don’t Worry About Finding Time

Door installations can be time consuming. Sure, they don’t take as much as other home improvement projects, but that’s still about 3-5 hours out of your day. Maybe you can’t afford the time off from work or you have a busy month and just don’t have time for a replacement door installation. That’s one other perk to hiring a professional contractor. With a professional door installation crew, you can just meet the foreman and then go about your day. Go to work, to school, to pick your kids up from soccer, or just take a shopping trip. Your time is yours to do with it whatever you will.

No Mess

Any home improvement project is bound to have mess. When you do it yourself, guess who has to clean up that mess? That, too, can be time consuming and very few homeowners enjoy cleaning. Laying down tarps to catch any debris is a must, but with a professional installer, you don’t even have to worry about clearing that away. They’ll do all the preparations before the installation starts, and after the installation starts, they’ll clear all the mess away. You’ll be left with an excellent new door and a threshold that’s clean as new.

Damage Control

Hiring an experienced professional already cuts down your chance of accidents or damage, because this is something they do every day. However, whether with a DIY or a professional installation, there’s always some chance that accidents might happen, causing damage to your door or your doorway. The difference is that professional installers, at least any professional installers worth their salt, are insured. If an accident happens during a professional door installation, it’s already covered and the installers can fix it and move on. If an accident happens during a DIY project, however, you’ll have to cover those costs on your own.


The Door Store has been in business in Dupage County for over 30 years, and we pride ourself on our masterful door installations. With our door installations, you can rest easy knowing that your door will have optimum strength, durability, and insulation…and that you won’t have to do any of the work yourself. And if you still want to do a DIY door installation, we have the resources and tips you need to make sure it’s expertly done.  Contact us today for more information.