Which Exterior Door is Right for Your Home?

May 01, 2016

Which Exterior Door is Right for Your Home?

The entrance to your home should be a welcoming introduction to your style while providing your home with security and efficiency. If your exterior door is not doing these things for your home, or if you want a new look, consider door instillation in Naperville. Here are types of doors that are available.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are a popular option for many homeowners. They offer durability in a variety of climates because they do not swell or contract due to changes in the weather. The doors are a very low maintenance option, because the finish on them does not chip and crack over time. Some homeowners choose fiberglass doors for door installation in Naperville because they are energy efficient choice. Fiberglass doors do not rust or dent, and are available in a variety of finishes

Wood Doors

A way to add warmth and elegance to any entrance, wood doors offer homeowners a highly customizable option. Natural wood is available in an array of species, each with unique characteristics. Stains and paints are available as well. Wood doors are the least energy efficient option. Because the wood is more susceptible to climate differences than other materials, wood doors also require regular maintenance to uphold their visual appeal.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are a strong, durable, and energy efficient option for many homeowners. Steel doors offer a high level of security to homeowners, as they are very difficult to pass or manipulate without them being opened or unlocked. They do have the ability to rust or dent, and they therefore require some maintenance.

If the any of the doors described above would improve your home, it might be time to consider new door instillation in Naperville. Many homeowners enjoy the appealing look, efficiency and safety that come with a new exterior door. A company that specializes in entry doors will have access to a wide variety of materials and styles, and can help you find a door that suits your home and your budget.