Which Material is Best for Window Replacement in DuPage County?

May 10, 2016

Materials for Window Replacement in DuPage County

The process of ordering window replacement in DuPage County can seem daunting. There are so many different types of frames and materials to choose from, and a salesmen will make all of them seem appealing. So which one is the best? Well, that depends on your specific needs. This article examines and compares two popular types of frames: vinyl and aluminum.

Vinyl is a popular choice because of its durability. It is highly resistant to weather damage and it is very good at keeping insects and other vermin out, which is probably why vinyl occupied about two thirds of the window frame market as of 2015. It also doesn’t rot like wood might over time. Vinyl frames are often hollow, making them lightweight and easy to work with. This air pocket also make the material a better insulator, which is definitely a bonus. The durability and strength of this material means it will be a long time before you have to order another window replacement in DuPage County. The main downside to vinyl is its appearance and how difficult is to paint. Environmentalists also tend to oppose vinyl because it will remain in landfills indefinitely.

Aluminum is not as affordable as vinyl, but it definitely has its selling points. Due to the strength of the metal, it doesn’t take much of the material to get the job done. While vinyl can be tough to customize, aluminum comes in many different varieties and can be ordered in multiple finishes and styles. Aluminum is almost equally as durable as vinyl with the exception of being susceptible to salt corrosion. The other downside to aluminum is that it won’t perform well as an insulator.

In short, aluminum is great for those who want maximum customization and durability without having to use too much material. Vinyl is good for those who need longevity, affordability and insulation. Knowing what you need before you make the first call will make your window replacement in DuPage County a much smoother process.