5 Problems that Could Arise from a Bad Door Installation

Apr 20, 2018

Door Installation Naperville

There’s more to buying a door than choosing the door itself. You also need to find the right door installation crew. Many homeowners place emphasis on the quality of the door itself: how well the materials stand up to the elements, how affordable the door might be, and how well it suits your home’s aesthetics. All of this is important, but what homeowners often neglect is the importance of holding the installation to the same standards.

Here are a few problems that could come of a bad door installation.

Bad Seal Means Bad Insulation

In order for your door to be properly sealed, the door installation crew has to be very careful to make everything square and level. Because the door is exposed to the elements – and in Naperville that often means strong wind and rains – a water barrier is essential. If the door installation crew slacks off on the seal of your door, your home’s insulation will be at risk. You could have drafts to contend with, high energy bills, and pests.

Damage to the Product or Home

A bad door installation could lead, in worst case scenarios, to your door or even your house being damaged. Of course, no one is above an occasional accident, which is why it’s important for your contractors to be insured and bonded. With a responsible and insured installation crew, any damage will be taken care of quickly and at no cost to the homeowner. However, a careless installation could hurt the door or surrounding area of the house not just during the installation but later, as the door will be less protected throughout everyday use and weather than it would be with a quality installation.

Technical Difficulties

If your door hasn’t been installed just so, you’ll always be able to tell. Maybe it won’t lock properly, or it swings open too often in the midst of heavy winds. On the other hand, your door might jam too easily. Remember you need to use this door every day. You don’t want to struggle with it, so it’s better to have the door installation done right the first time.

Pesky Noises

Does your door knob rattle even when the door’s closed? Does the door creak or squeak when you open and close it? Both of these are signs of a poor door installation. A rattling door knob may be too loose or ill-fitted, while a squeaky door is probably the result of problematic hinges. While sometimes squeaking can occur over time (and can be fixed easily by oiling the hinges), your door installation crew should check these problems before they leave. If you notice them within the first few days, you should call them to repair the problem promptly.

Home Improvement Fraud

While not a problem resulting from an installation itself, home improvement fraud is something to watch out for when searching for door installation contractors. Home improvement fraud can occur when a supposed contractor shows up at your door, offering a replacement door installation, takes an advance and then is never seen again. It’s important to see proof of license and do a little online research on their reputation and reviews before doing business with any contractors. 

Other contractors may seem legitimate and even be technically legitimate, but might charge you for your initial estimate or might be a littletoo available when you try to schedule your door installation. If a contractor says that they’ll be available to perform the installation on the same day, you have to wonder why they’re quite so available. Always be careful and do thorough research on a door installation contractor before hiring them.

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