5 Window Cracks That Show It’s Time for Window Replacement

May 16, 2018

Window Replacement Glen Ellyn

Some window issues can be repaired. But certain window cracks may be a different story.

Window cracks are a precarious issue. Some people will assure you that they can be repaired, and there are processes that can temporarily slow the spread of a window crack (like super glue or tape). However, these methods will only slow, and not stop, the crack. Eventually, that window crack will spread and will fully break the windows, so it’s best to get ahead of it with windows replacement. 

But did you know there are different kinds of cracks your windows might experience? Here are some of the most common types of window cracks that could lead to windows replacement.

Impact Cracks

When you see a window crack, your first instinct is probably that it’s an impact crack, which is a crack caused by any kind of impact against the window. This could be anything from a rock or a ball to a branch slapping against the window in the middle of a storm. Even strong hail can cause impact cracks on your window. Impact cracks have a very distinctive look, like a spiderweb. There’s a center where the actual impact happened, and then many small cracks shooting off of that. It also might appear to be a very small crack, but remember, it can expand and cause some serious damage if you don’t have windows replacement done quickly.

Stress Cracks

Let’s say the temperature in Glen Ellyn just experienced a sudden uptick. Or maybe you recently cut down a tree that had previously been positioned near your window. Then, seemingly overnight, you notice jagged cracks stretching out from the edge of the window. This crack didn’t spontaneously appear. This is a stress crack, or a “thermal stress crack.” It’s most often caused by sudden temperature changes or changes to shade by the window. These can also be caused by design flaws with the frame, though in that case, you may be dealing with…

Edge Cracks

Edge cracks appear almost identical to stress cracks. They also originate from the edge of the window and sprawl out in zigzagged formations. However, edge cracks are not due to any change in temperature so much as damage to the edge of the window. If you want to know whether a crack is due to thermal stress or damage to the edge of the window, check the edge of the window for small “oyster” chips. They’re often hidden beneath the seal of the window and thus difficult to find. Another way to tell the difference is to look at the direction of the cracks. Stress cracks wander all over the window, while edge cracks tend to extend out from the point of damage specifically. In either case, edge cracks or stress cracks generally lead to windows replacement.

Pressure Cracks

A pressure crack is often one single line running from edge to edge of the window. It’s usually somewhat curved, but can run from end to end or in a diagonal fashion. There are a few different reasons for pressure cracks. It could be that there was a problem with the installation. The window might be too high or too low in its elevation. Sharp temperature changes can also cause pressure cracks to appear. There are few ways to prevent these cracks, but when they appear on your windows, it is a good time to have windows replacement.

Spontaneous Breakage

On rare occasions, windows may simply spontaneously shatter. This happens most frequently with tempered glass, particularly if modifications have been made to tempered glass window panes. If not well manufactured, the chemical makeup can be volatile to the window. You might not notice any problems until one day, the glass breaks. In this case, not only is windows replacement the only option, but the manufacturer for the windows replacement should be carefully chosen and established as a company with a great track record. You should also be careful not to make any modifications to already tempered glass.

If you’ve noticed any kinds of cracks in your windows, it may be time to consider windows replacement. At The Door Store serving Glen Ellyn, we offer windows from top manufacturers like Weathershield, MI Windows, and Loewen. These windows are built to last, and with our expert installation, they will. Contact us today for more information or a free quote.