Do You Need Fiberglass, Vinyl or Wood Windows?

Nov 21, 2018

Finding the right windows can be a challenge especially if you do not know what is available. Most companies that offer window installation in Lombard will have a few different frame materials available. Each has its own pluses and minuses, which is why there is not a universally preferred material. Is fiberglass, vinyl or wood windows right for you?


Fiberglass frames are known for their durability, strength, style and resistances. This option may outlast the competition. Because of the exceptional strength offered by fiberglass frames, you can create windows with less frame and more glass allowing more sunlight into your home. Of the three options here, this product is usually somewhere in the middle ground for price.


Vinyl is the cheapest option available, but does not typically work for every house style out there. This type of product is widely available from many experts of window installation in Lombard. Vinyl is easy to maintain and install, which is why so many homeowners choose to use this inexpensive material. Unfortunately, vinyl does not hold paint well, so it can be challenging to change the color over the years.


Wood is a highly sought after material, even though it may be hard to maintain. This is a great option for older homes because it looks more traditional. Some other frame materials may be able to mimic the look of wood, but many homeowners argue there is nothing that can really compete with the feel and appearance of this material. This is one of the more expensive window options, but when taken care of properly it can add elegance to your home for decades to come.

Consider Your Needs

To really figure out what material is right for you, you need to look at what you need. Do you want low maintenance, durability, low cost or a traditional appearance? Everyone has different needs, but your expert of window installation in Lombard may be able to help you get what is right for you.

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