Fight off the Winter Blues with Replacement Windows

Jan 16, 2018

Fight off the Winter Blues with Replacement Windows

Shine some light on your winter blues this season with the help of new windows.

Winter is a difficult time of year for most of us. There are scientific reasons why in winter we tend to be more sluggish and moody than any other time of year. Our bodies crave natural light, but in winter, we spend most of the time indoors and don’t have much exposure to natural light. Because of this, many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. You may feel tired, even when you’ve had plenty of sleep, unmotivated to do the things you typically enjoy, or simply lethargic. Reduced natural light can confuse your biological clock and even cause a decrease in serotonin, making your you feel moody and sad in the winter months.

The winter blues are one of the reasons it’s so important this year to have energy efficient windows with strong visible transmittance (VT). Visible transmittance measures how much light the window lets into the room from outside. While the days might be getting shorter, the right replacement windows can help flood the room with as much natural light as possible so you can stay refreshed and energized. Here are some ways a window replacement can help you stave off those winter blues:


Daylighting is the process of using windows to fill a room with as much natural light as possible. One way to incorporate daylighting into your living room, bathroom, or bedroom, is to use clerestory windows–awning windows placed high on the wall so that the light floods down into the room. In the summer, a daylit room will be able to stay well-lit without the help of electrical lights until sundown. In winter, the sunny hours may be shorter, but a well daylit room will allow you to soak in as much natural light as possible. Another option for daylighting is to use large windows, like casement or picture windows, positioned in just the right direction to catch the light during the sunniest part of the day.

Keep the Costs Low

While it might not be directly related to SAD, another factor of winter that can be disheartening is the high energy and HVAC costs. Because of the colder temperatures, homeowners often have to crank up their heating or rely more on electricity to keep their home comfortable. It might feel better…until you see see the increase in your HVAC bills. So this winter, before it gets too cold in Naperville, make sure your window sealant is still going strong and that your windows are well-insulating.

And that leads us to the next point…

Stay Warm

Nothing keeps your spirits low like feeling a draft right next to you while you’re trying to watch your favorite holiday movie or read a book before bed. Older windows, or windows that don’t offer as much insulation, will allow too much cold air to seep leak into the home, causing a draft. In the worst case, a bad seal might allow small bugs to find shelter from the cold in the crevices of your home. Your window might develop window condensation when the cold air from outside meets the hot air inside. The sight of window condensation doesn’t cheer anyone up–and it’s always a sign that you’re in need of a window replacement. 

Winter can be a rough time, but the right replacement windows can help you to keep your spirits up by keeping your home cozy and giving you plenty of exposure to natural light. Call The Door Store today at (630) 495-0100 or contact us online to see how we can help you beat the blues this year.