Give Your Old House a New Look With Replacement Windows

Mar 14, 2018

Replacement Windows in Dupage County

Owning a home that’s stood for the better part of a century, or even longer, is certainly a point of pride for many homeowners. There’s something awe inspiring about living in a piece of history, thinking of all the other families who once occupied that home. But old houses also means more maintenance. There are so many appliances to update and, over time, things start to break down. Without updating when needed, your old house can become more washed out than historic.

At some point in the lifespan of an old house, you’ll need replacement windows, and that’s not a bad thing. Replacement windows are more than just a necessity for the health and insulation of your home – they could be just what you need to breathe new life into your old house. You can boost your curb appeal and show your neighbors that your old home hasn’t outlived its best days yet.

Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken

This may seem like a bit of a backtrack, but if you’ve lived in a historic home, you know how important it is to preserve its original beauty. Historic windows are often high quality and can last for decades. Eventually, even the best windows will deteriorate, and that’s what we’re speaking to in this blog. Just like the house, because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s finished. If you’ve started to notice a draft in your home, if pests are finding their way in, if there are cracks or if you struggle to open or close the window, then it’s time to consider replacing the windows with high quality replacement windows worthy of the home.

Go For Quality

This house has stayed standing through the eras, and you hope that it will continue standing for many more families. So the last thing you want to do is buy cheap replacement windows that need to be replaced again in about ten years. Not only would that be a disservice to a historic home, it wouldn’t make much sense, and it will just lead to one more project to have to take care of down the line. Instead, install windows that will last for as long as you plan to live in the house and hopefully through the next family’s tenancy there. Wood windows will match the classic quality of the home, but aluminium clad wood windows, like those made by Weather Shield, will last for longer.

Energy efficiency is also important. Energy bills in historic homes can be high, and anything that lowers them can be a big help. With windows that add energy efficiency and insulation to your home, you’ll not only improve your curb appeal but protect the interior of your home.

Consider Style        

When it’s time to replace your windows, you have a few options. With insert replacement windows, you can stick to the style of your previous windows and simply insert the new windows into the old frame. This — or at least finding full-framed windows in the same style as your old windows — is preferable for historic homes, since it offers the least amount of interference with the original design and structure. Your replacement window contractor should offer a variety of styles, including casement, bow or bay windows, double-hung or picture windows. Some replacement window contractors, like The Door Store, will offer specialty windows in case the original style of your windows didn’t fit the conventional styles.  

However, you should look at the various styles that they have to offer before you decide. While it will require a more complicated replacement to change the shape of your windows, a new window style or extended views could give you a fresh perspective on your old home. If you’ve become too accustomed to a particular look, maybe new windows will be just what you need to appreciate the beauty of your historic home again. 

At The Door Store, we offer Dupage County replacement windows from some of the best brands on the market, including Weather Shield, MI Windows, and Loewen. With over 30 years of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we can be trusted to handle your replacement window installation on your historic home with care. Contact us todayfor more information and a free quote.

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