How to Stop Your Windows From Fogging Up

May 19, 2021

Not only are your house windows a key asset to your home’s curb appeal, but they are also perfect for taking inBedroom windows opening out to the backyard outside views and allowing plenty of natural light to flood your home. However, if your windows tend to fog up, their clarity may be compromised, leaving you with an opaque, filmy mess that disrupts your view.

Possible Solutions

If foggy windows are an issue you are dealing with, don’t stress, here are some solutions to consider:

  • Use a dehumidifier, as this will remove moisture from the air and may reduce the likelihood of condensation forming on your windows.
  • If your home has ceiling fans, or if you have portable fans, turn them on. Fans can improve airflow and reduce the possibility of warm air sticking to your window panes.
  • A window film kit is useful as it prevents warm indoor air from coming into contact with your cool windows, stopping fog from forming.

If none of these options are effective, then you should look to your window seal. If the seal is broken, and you have double-pane windows, the moisture can creep in between the two panes, causing them to fog.

But what causes a window seal to break? Various factors can play a role. If your windows are old, then the seal may simply break due to poor aging. Constant exposure to sunlight and water retention can also result in a broken window seal.

If your windows are outdated and foggy, then now is the time to consider replacements, and the professionals at The Door Store can help. Since 1987, our family-owned and -operated business has proudly provided homeowners with first-rate windows that are attractive, durable, and energy-efficient. With new windows in place, you can enjoy your view to the fullest, without combatting the nuisance of foggy window panes. Contact us today.

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