Improve Your Home’s Value By Changing Your Exterior Door

Jul 13, 2018

Naperville Exterior Door Replacement

You know the phrase: first impressions mean everything. Although that saying generally refers to first meetings between individuals, the same concept can be applied to your Naperville home. In home renovations and real estate, a term has been coined for this first impression. Curb appeal is the initial impression a person gets when they pull up to your house.

There are a few different parts of the exterior of a house that contribute to its curb appeal. Typically, the state and type of driveway the house has, the landscaping, and the front door all factor into it. Although these three aspects of the house are typically equally important in determining its curb appeal, great landscaping and resurfacing a driveway are expensive endeavors. If you are looking for a simple way to increase the value of your house, look no further than simply replacing your front door. There are a few different options to keep in mind when deciding what type of front door to install. 

Modern Trends

Keeping on trend is one way to ensure you are receiving the most value out of replacing your front door. When a potential homebuyer drives up to your house, they are already judging it and starting to rank it amongst the other homes they’ve visited. As the front door is the focal point of your home’s exterior, it is the most important to make sure it is projecting the image you want. If the front door is on trend, visitors will then know to expect the interior of the house to have the same modern feel.

Some current trends are minimalism and energy-efficiency. The intricate doorways of the past have given way to the more elegant but streamlined entryways. Energy-efficient doors are becoming increasingly important to the value of a home. Installing a door appropriate for the Naperville climate will go a long way.

Types of Doors

The good news is, there is a new door for every budget. The material of the door is dependent on how much you are willing to spend. Some options of materials available are steel, fiberglass, and wood. Steel doors will be the most economical while still providing the energy-efficiency you should be looking for. Fiberglass doors are midrange, as they are more versatile in their style choices. Wood is the most expensive material, but still preferred for its natural look and simple elegance.

Let Us Help

One thing you do want to avoid is to look like you are trying too hard to catch someone’s attention with an interesting front door. When asked about the most important aspect of curb appeal, potential homebuyers stated that it did not matter what the door actually looked like, as long as it matched the rest of the house’s style. Keeping within your design aesthetic is key to improving the value of your home.

Should you decide that you would like help choosing the perfect new door for your home, our personalized sales process is waiting to help you out. We have extensive experience when it comes to designing and installing doors, and we’d love to share it with you. Feel free to contact us by filling out our easy online form or call us at (630) 495-0100 to get started enhancing your curb appeal today!