New Door Installation: Inswing or Outswing Hinges?

May 24, 2018

New Door Installation in Naperville

Inswing or outswing for your door installation? It might matter more than you think.

There are many decisions to make when having a door installation in Naperville. There’s the material of the door, the color, the door installation crew…but there’s one other decision to make. Should your doors swing in or swing out?

This may seem an insignificant choice, but every choice matters when it comes to your new door, especially exterior doors. Here are a few factors that could be influenced by the direction of your door hinges:


If you have a wide doorway and plenty of space, it might not matter which direction your door swings. However, if you want to be more economical with your space, you may want to avoid inswing doors. Doors that swing inward will sweep up a good 2-3 feet into the room, which could make a small space feel cramped and awkward every time the door is opened. Outswing doors, on the other hand, could help things to feel more spacious, so in this case, it’s a clear win for outswing doors.


If you like to have the door stay partially open during warm summer days, however, an inswing door might suit you better. With inswing doors, you have control of the airflow into your home. It enters at an angle, and you can direct it into the home by the position of your door. With an outswing door, the hot (or cold) air hits you at full force when you open the door, so it isn’t the best moderator when it comes to ventilation.

Outdoor Elements

Inswing doors use a sweep gasket to keep out water damage from rain. This can make them open stiffly, and door sweeps can become worn down easily. Outswing doors are in a more suitable position to keep out water damage. They’re also more equipped to handle strong winds as from a hurricane or tornado. Wind pressure will cause doors to swing inward, which is harder to do if the hinges are on the outside of the door. However, in the event of heavy snow, it’s better to have an inswinging door so that it can be opened and closed even with over a foot of snow.


Inswing doors are often preferred when it comes to security because the hinges are located on the inside and can’t be taken out. However, inswing doors can be kicked in by enough force, so it helps to have a deadbolt or further security measure in place. Outswing doors are more difficult to kick in, but their hinges are on the outside and seen as more vulnerable. However, you can choose hinges that don’t include pins or have covers so that the hinges can’t be taken apart.

Whether you want an inswing or outswing door, The Door Store can help you find the perfect door for you. Contact us today for more information or a free quote.