Poor Window Installation Can Lead to Future Issues

Jul 19, 2018

Elmhurst Window Installation

Windows serve an important purpose in any home. They let in natural light and air when the weather is pleasant, and keep out the cold and rain when the weather is rough. The right window can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy costs They can also add an element of design to your home, contributing to the overall aesthetic.

You have recently replaced your windows, knowing and recognizing the signs that indicated it was time to get new ones. But there are many installation contractors in and around Elmhurst. It may have been possible that you ended up with a less-than-stellar company, and your installation was not completed properly. Having incorrectly installed windows can cause more harm than good, and the problem should be addressed immediately, before complications arise. If you see the following around your new windows, you should consider redoing the window installation.

Mother Nature Says Hi

Windows are great for seeing into the outside world but keeping you from feeling it. Properly installed windows will not allow you to feel anything from the exterior of the house. If it wasn’t installed properly, you may feel a draft around the closed window. Wind may be heard whistling through the sill and pane, or you may actually see the curtains around the window move. Seeing condensation on the pane is another fairly common indication that the window has a problem. Condensation on glass usually means that the outside air and the inside air are meeting and mixing by the window. As the outside air temperature is usually different from the inside air temperature, when they meet, they will create condensation on any glass. If your windows were installed correctly, no external air should be able to get in and mix with the interior air.

Not Acting Like A Window

Another sign that the window isn’t installed properly is if it is hard to manipulate. Unless your window was painted shut or is very old, it should be easy to open and close. If the window is difficult to open or tilt, more often than not, the window was not installed correctly. Also, if the window was a hazy or discolored tint to it, it most likely was incorrectly installed. Older windows may have a glaze on top of them to protect the home from UV rays. Newer windows are treated differently though, and should be completely clear when looked through. If this is not the case, than the window was most likely installed poorly.

Energy Bills

Almost every new window installed today is energy efficient. If you recently replaced the windows in your home, you should see a marked difference in your energy bill. However, if your energy bill remains the same, or, the amount you are being charged increases, it is most likely that your windows were installed improperly.

If you have any of these signs from your new windows, they may have been poorly installed. Instead of going back to the company that installed them incorrectly the first time, why not let us at The Door Store help you? We would be more than happy to speak with your regarding any window issues you might have. We use beautiful, energy-efficient, high performance windows. Do not hesitate to contact us by filling out our easy online form or by calling us at (630) 495-0100.