Questions to Ask Before Investing in Replacement Windows

Jan 27, 2022

When you look at your home, can you not help but frown at its curb appeal? Is it because of your windows? If they lookBedroom with a bed, chair, table, and an arched window opening too an outdoor living area old and worn, then now may be time for replacements. Not only do subpar windows detract from the appearance of your residence, but they can also result in drafts, which can lead to skyrocketing energy expenses, something no homeowner wants to deal with.

Considering The Following

Prior to starting a window replacement project, keep these questions in mind:

How much does a window replacement cost?

Price can vary based on the sizes and styles of your windows, as well as other factors. Keep this in mind, as you don’t want to break the bank and invest in new windows that exceed your budget.

What is the best window style?

Think of your desired aesthetic. Do you want casement windows, which open outward with a crank? Or would you prefer picture windows, which don’t open but instead allow for expansive and unimpeded views of the outdoors? There are many window styles to choose from and both your personal taste and the window space you are looking to fill in your home are important factors when choosing the right style.

Is one window material better than the other?

Window frames are constructed from various materials, some examples being vinyl, aluminum-clad wood, and wood. Each material offers different benefits, so you should weigh your options before determining which is best for your project.

Go With Professionals

One of the most important steps of any replacement window project is choosing a home improvement company you can trust. The Door Store is just that. Since 1987, our family-owned and -operated business has provided residents of the Western Chicago suburbs with high-quality windows they love. To learn more, contact us today. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.