Simple Window Treatments for Children’s Bedrooms

Aug 23, 2017

Windows Installation in Naperville, IL

Every parent wants their child to enjoy comfortable and attractive living spaces. Bedrooms in particular are where children spend a lot of their time, so you should think about decorating it with care and attention to detail. Great window treatments do not have to take a lot of effort to create and they can be done with relatively little up-front cost. Once your windows installation in Naperville, IL has been taken care of by the Door Store experts, you can begin thinking about making beautiful window treatments for children’s bedrooms.

Keep Safety In Mind

Not all window treatment products are safe for children. The cords present on blinds and other items can be dangerous and should never be used on a child’s window. Very young children prone to grabbing and tugging on dangling items, so window treatments must be planned accordingly. Similarly, heavy rods and drapes have the potential of falling and harming children; care must be taken when mounting hardware and window dressing.

Simple Roll Shades

Shades that are designed to be manually rolled up and securely with a strap are nice, simple window covering solutions. The strap is placed much too high for young hands and it is too short to tangle; it should be just long enough to secure the rolled blind.

Painted Curtains

Plain white or beige curtains can be painted with richly colored fabric paints. This is a project that adults can do for children or as a family art project. Consider painting elements such as:

  • Children’s names
  • Family pets
  • Wild animals
  • Sunny landscapes

Once the paint has dried, hang the curtains as normal. Be sure to use the right hardware to avoid damaging the wall with the weight of the curtains.

Improving Your Children’s Bedrooms

If you have concerns about the appearance of the windows in any room of your home, the Door Store can help. Our expert technicians handle every job and leave nothing to chance. You can count on us; call (630) 495-0100 today.

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