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Jun 15, 2018

Storm Door Installation Naperville

Protect your Naperville home this summer with a storm door.

Summer arrived quickly, and many Naperville homeowners may have been left wondering if their entry door alone is enough. A storm door is always a good idea and offers benefits to your home year round, but with the heat of summer, those benefits can be especially handy. At The Door Store, we offer ProVia storm doors, which come in 54 different models, so you can choose the perfect storm door for your home.

But first, let’s talk about why you might want a storm door installation this summer.

Protection Against Air Leakage

Storm doors add yet another layer to protect air from leaking into your home…or leaking out of your home. It tightens the seal on your home and creates an air pocket between itself and your entry door, helping to stop heat conduction as well. With this extra efficiency, your air conditioning won’t have to work quite as hard, and your energy bills will stay low.

Added Ventilation

And that’s not the only way storm doors can boost your energy efficiency. They also add ventilation to your home through the use of screens. Have you ever seen a home in the heat of summer with the entry door open and storm door closed? The storm door keeps out bugs and other unwanted pests, but the screen allows breezes to waft through the home, cooling it without the help of air conditioning. ProVia offers models with retractable screens to customize your ventilation, or sturdy stainless steel screens if this idea doesn’t appeal to you. 

And those who prefer stainless steel non-removable screens might enjoy this next benefit…

Security Boost

Sometimes it’s as simple as the appearance of an added door that turns home invaders away. If it looks like too much work, they might look elsewhere. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can rest assured that ProVia storm doors are made with .023-gauge stainless steel. They’re 20% thicker than industry standards, which not only helps them to stand up to the elements, but to resist being kicked in. With a locking mechanism, you can leave your house or go to bed at night knowing you’re that much more secure with your new storm door.

Think a storm door might be right for you? Contact The Door Store today for a free quote.