Top 3 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

Nov 10, 2016

Replacement Windows naperville

New windows may result in producing one of the most significant returns on your real estate investment. Contemporary replacement windows in Naperville from The Door Store are superior to traditional single-pane glass windows with wood frames. When the time is right for a window replacement in Naperville, consider the advantages, such as increased value in your home, lower utility bills, and decreased maintenance.

1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

New windows contribute aesthetic advantages to your home by making it brighter inside and providing a clean and polished exterior. Think creatively about replacement windows in Naperville. For instance, you can bring character and a focal point into a room by changing the window size and style. Your choices are endless.

2. Increased Energy Savings

The space between double and triple-pane windows with Low-E and Argon gas glass creates and additional barrier between you and the outdoors. This area contributes up to 30 percent savings on heating and up to 45 percent savings on cooling. Also, homeowners with energy-efficient replacement windows notice enhanced comfort over traditional windows, reduced furniture color fading, decreased condensation on windows, and improved light.

3. Easy Maintenance

Older, wood-framed windows need regular and ongoing maintenance, such as caulking, stripping, and painting every few years to maintain their appearance and optimal performance. Many homeowners are tired of maintenance issues and choose low-maintenance replacement windows. Replacing your current windows with new energy-efficient alternatives featuring innovative designs can significantly improve sustainability. Look for quality construction, durability, and easy-clean features. New options include between-the-glass shades and blinds, reducing cleaning time, allergens, and dust in your home.

Upgrade Your Home Today

Replacement windows in Naperville are available in various colors, designs, and types. As one of your home’s most notable features, improving your biggest investment with a complete window replacement in Naperville from The Door Store can make a tremendous aesthetic impression and create a substantial return on investment.