What to Do if Your Windows Are Letting in Hot Air?

Jun 24, 2021

During the summertime, nothing is more enticing then retreating into your home and relaxing in the cool air conditioningA living room with an orange couch, colorful chair, and a large picture window on a blazing hot day. However, this may be difficult if your windows are allowing hot air from outdoors to enter your home. This can make your living space uncomfortable, leaving you in search of a portable fan or making constant trips to the thermostat just so you can cool down.

No homeowner should have to contend with this. If your home isn’t as cool as it should be and you suspect warm air is wafting in through your windows, then here are some helpful tips and tricks for identifying and correcting the problem:

  • Check that your windows are properly closed and locked. This simple oversight could be the cause of your hot air problem.
  • Inspect your windows and search for any vulnerable spots that could be causing leaks. If the leak is manageable, then you may be able to stop it up with some simple re-caulking around your window.
  • Although this may seem like a daunting prospect for some homeowners, a window replacement may be the only option. If your windows are old, cracked, and simply not living up to your energy-efficient standards, then now may be the time to opt for new and improved windows.

What if You Need Replacement Windows?

If your home is in need of replacement windows, don’t worry—The Door Store is here to help. Our skilled and experienced team has the know-how to outfit any home with first-rate windows that will help keep your home nice and cool during the summer by blocking out unwanted hot air. What’s more, with our energy-efficient windows in place, the stress on your HVAC system will be reduced. This effect may even lower your monthly energy expenses, which proves that our replacement windows are a smart investment for any homeowner. Contact us to learn more.

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