What to Do When a Window Breaks?

Aug 28, 2017

Windows Replacement in Naperville, IL

A broken window is a common household problem but not everyone knows what to do when it happens. The Door Store is always here to help with installing replacement windows on Naperville homes, so we want you to be prepared when this situation comes up.

Cleaning Up the Glass

First, you will need to clean up the broken glass:

  • Begin by removing furniture or other items that are in the way; these may need cleaned separately.
  • Carefully sweep up the largest pieces of glass and throw them away.
  • Thoroughly sweep the area to collect smaller pieces of glass; throw them away.
  • Vacuum carpeted surfaces thoroughly.
  • Mop tile or linoleum surfaces thoroughly.
  • Use vacuum hose attachment to clean out crevices that may be holding small pieces of glass.
  • Use a piece of duct tape to collect any stray pieces of glass that were missed.

The upholstered surfaces of furniture can be vacuumed with hose attachments and brushes to remove glass.

Covering the Window

If there are loose piece of glass hanging from the frame, remove these carefully and dispose of them. If the pieces are still firmly stuck to the frame, do not try to force them out. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit over the broken window and tape it securely into place. Now you can arrange for window glass replacement or repair.

Your Source for Fine Window Products

If a window needs replaced rather than simply repaired, choose the experts at the Door Store to handle the job. Our installation technicians are highly trained and can perfectly execute every task. We also offer a wide selection of top quality window and door products from leading manufacturers to better serve our customers. Call us today at (630) 495-0100 to speak with a member of our team. Ask for a free estimate or get one immediately online.