What to Look for In Replacement Windows

Jan 23, 2018

What to Look for In Replacement Windows Windows

It’s time for replacement windows. Whether your home has a draft, bad window condensation, or you just need to lower your HVAC and electricity bills, the solution can be found in replacement windows. But the market for replacement windows is a large one, and if you haven’t needed new windows in a while, you might be wondering what you need to look for. Which windows offer the best insulation, or allow the most light while keeping out uncomfortable cold or heat? Which windows can be trusted to last the longest? 

Fortunately, you’re not the only ones to ask these questions and there are easy ways to sort out the quality replacement windows from replacement windows that will need to be replaced in a few year’s time. Here are our tips for what to look for in replacement windows.

NFRC Rating Sticker

The National Fenestration Rating Council rates windows, doors, and skylights on based on four different categories of energy performance so you know exactly what you’re getting out of your replacement windows. The ratings  are:

  • U-Factor: the window’s ability to keep heat in with a range of 0.20-1.20. The lower the rating, the higher the performance.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): the window’s ability to keep unwanted heat out, ranging from 0-1. The lower the number, the better the window keeps heat out.
  • Visible Transmittance (VT): the window’s ability to effectively light the room, ranging from 0-1. The higher the rating, the more light the window lets through.
  • Air Leakage: the amount of air the window lets through, ranging from 0.1-0.3. The lower the number, the less air that window allows to leak through. 

These labels are not a requirement but can be found on most replacement windows and doors, and the ratings are all fairly easy to understand.

Energy Star Label

Another helpful label you may find on your replacement windows is an Energy Star label. Energy Star is a government-endorsed label given to energy efficient products to incentivize consumers to make energy efficient choices. A replacement window will have an Energy Star label if it has all the features necessary for comfortable living by homeowners while also contributing to energy savings. Replacement windows with an Energy Star label have all been tested for effectiveness. When you purchase a window with this label, you can be sure that it will save you hundreds in HVAC and energy costs, and you may even be able to get a tax credit for it.

Expert Installation

A replacement window can have top marks from every energy performance rating system in the country, but if the installation is done poorly, it still won’t do much to insulate your home or help you save energy and HVAC costs. The right installation is everything. The window needs to be properly sealed and carefully installed. Expert replacement window installers will be able to install your window without causing any damage to it or the home–but in case accidents happen, they’re insured and equipped to clean up the mess. The right replacement window contracting company can even help you choose the replacement windows that are right for your home, both in terms of energy efficiency and aesthetics.

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